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Newport News Paving is an asphalt paving company that provides paving services to both residential and commercial customers. We proudly serve the surrounding areas with premium services that start with a free paving estimate for our clients. No matter the size of your paving project, our team of professional paving contractors is happy to offer free estimates for you. Our repairs range from asphalt paving repairs, crack sealing, striping, sealcoating, and parking lot paving as well.

Above all, our goal as experienced paving contractors continues to be to offer high quality services and cost effective solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, premium services for residential and commercial clients. Your customized solutions are our interest. Our strategic approach ensures that your property looks its best. Let us give you an accurate quote for free for your next paving project.

Best of all, our highly trained and qualified team delivers reliable and on-time results. No matter if you need commercial or residential support, we are licensed, bonded and insured and ready to help you. For the best results, at the best price, you can consider Newport News Paving to be your go-to company.

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Additionally, Newport News Paving is a locally owned and operated paving company in Newport News, VA. Our many years of paving experience enable us to offer our clients the ultimate paving services. Developing the best possible result for your asphalt is our main goal. Think about hiring us for your next asphalt paving job. And don’t forget to get a free paving estimate from our team.

From our very beginning, we have worked feverously to meet the growing asphalt paving demands in Newport News, VA. Whether you need highway commercial construction asphalt paving, parking lot repairs, driveway paving, resurfacing or something more, we can help. Dedicated to giving you the best results, you can consider our team at Newport News Paving to be your go-to paving company.

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Values We Hold


We are fully dedicated to each one of our clients. Our team of paving contractors are thoroughly trained and educated to ensure that your job is done correctly. Our asphalt paving contractors are dedicated to giving you the best results possible.


Right from the start, we are dedicated to being honest with you. Our free estimates give you a good idea of what to expect from our price points, and we never tack on additional services that you don’t need. Honesty is our policy.


Your asphalt paving needs are based on your property. We want to be good at what we do every time you choose us. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by being a reliable paving contractor, no matter what service you need.